Monday, February 28, 2011

R u Additicted... to something..Na you are not!!!

I thought everything in this world are tied up , strongly bonded with each other, nothing can exists alone... I am, was will be addicted to this.. herd pple screaming but is that really true? R we really mad about it.. can’t we live without it.. I realized it of late I am NOT ADDICTED TO ANYTHING other than me..
I listen to songs as I drive to my office ... you know what ?? my CD crashed I can only hear to them if I repair... oops! those songs were so nice , they almost relieve all my stress whenever I drive..the traffic in the city.. the pollution ...those bikers... gosh!!! I was soo soo disappointed.
The day 1 went without anything to hear I saw all the tragic’s I have mentioned and a couple of them more too..:(
My return drive was also not so great as it was all dark and all cars...
then I Stopped a min... Is it all this planet has for me???
Why shouldn’t I drive early so there can be less traffic and more pleasant scenes too... Next day, I started to drive early 8'00 am in the morning...Amazingly things were quite different... I could see greenery on both sides of the road... the trees were dancing fresh... the birds were busy and beautiful...Few puppies on the roadside fighting to tear a small cloth.... I drove to office... wow.. with more a pleasant mood.
I started off and had more nice and scintillating things to watch on the road as I drive, its pleasant...
Day 3, amazingly nice.. I had better things to watch..
Day 4, I had my CD ready but now I use it occasionally... it’s not the only thing I would cherish
I understand , hope all of us would nothing in this world is irresistible ; the only thing to be dependent upon.. may be its a relation ship... nor an instrument .. nor a habit ...rule holds the same you are addicted because it is working good and it’s not choking you...
Don’t Say to me.. YOU ARE ADDICTED.... Na ... I will not agree..:)

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