Friday, February 17, 2017

A life called Beautiful Constellation - Part I

As I google up looking for what a constellation would mean its synonym was "a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure". 

Have we ever thought if you had different things as separate entities in life but all of these  in cusp form to be a beautifully tailored constellation called LIFE....A single LIFE is all what we have to create this beautiful dimensional 3D architeture... Interesting isn't it. 

Where should I start... I had three major entities to build this so called single life.. MYSELF, FAMILY and WORK... while these for anyone forms gross skeleton creating a pragmatic shape as we move on becomes crucial, smaller chunks of each of these pillars adds salt and pepper to our life.

 A life that is been gifted out of love making by two individuals  in happy, secretive, fearful and a little shameful mood cling together and a life gets boomed. This magic of pouring life into womb has been one thing that has fantasized all my life this is where the first star of my constellation started to blink...MYSELF.. its just food and a little space was what I had all needed to be happy...was I happy? I am unsure on my mood but for sure my heart beat was hale and healthy and I am sure the soul inside me was growing into a bigger and  brighter blinking star day by day.

It was a day when I had to be fearful as things were not great in shape, a place that had been hosting for all this while had shrunken and I was pushed out into a world of difference, cool wind hit me, unknown giants handle me and talk with each other. I am able to do different things which I had never done, I breathed, pee ed, opened my big eyes to look around. The star inside me started to flicker but known whispers of my mom and dad that I had herd sounded soothing and a room space to move myself and warm hands that could cuddle me gave me a temporary relief from scaredom. Now it was food, place to live and hands to protect where essence of being happy...Add up a star called FAMILY started flickering in life and this was the source of brightness to MYSELF star. 

Days went by there were days which gave me pains to overcome with family every step of failure was were I took me to understand FAMILY star was fueling MYSELF star and MYSELF star was always been an acceptor and thats how MYSELF star was blooming bigger and bigger.... wow... what a beautiful sight to see.. a happy , innocent, playful star with glowing eyes... who would not envy such a thing? 

Schooling started which added up an entity but could be kept as a subset under family star... People belonging to my world, can speak my language, as bloomy and happy as I could be, can taste and smell things I love to do who will never advice or say be good  but do the bloody thing along with me, how funny... right from sneaking inside my friends bathroom to see how she pees to opening up a topic that people who feel shy to disclose...

Things started becoming interesting now,this as well was a needed feed to me an addict with which would be serving me as a secondary but seductive source for my star to blink bright... (Stars would continue to become a constellation...please keep watching...)

Friday, June 5, 2015

To the Women in Me

One of my friends who likes me way too much, tagged me to a note recently! The note was on remarkable women that made me happy; a woman, who was oxymoronic yet stable in life. I was excited to be perceived this way after all who does not like to be called 'irresistible' (dare to dream)!

Seeing this note, I started to roll back the years fast forwarding to the present, as a young girl, a teenager, a working woman, a wife, a mother of two children and still trying to be and never comprising on my “Remarkability”;I believe I had tried to be all things this quote conveys about being an irresistible women – but rolling my sexuality, sensitivity and sensibility in a single personality has been a real hard work because at some point they are all contradictory to each other ; it’s like a colloidal solution of having immiscible liquids but in some incredible way blended like water, protein and fat in milk

The world  looks at a women in a single non-blended dimension, the ones you share with (sexuality), the ones you live with (sensitivity), the ones you work with (sensibility).

A woman with a two-dimensional complex is something the world can grapple with, but once you try to present a different picture and move ahead to touch the third dimension, with sound women intellect, pictured in a feminine frame; you are cornered to be an unrealistic person and sieved from the crowd. Every dimension is picked up for faults, the unrealistic person you are trying to be!- So you are never complete.

I concede, I pass everyday and most of the days, I am two-dimensional - the best I can be! Then, there are other days where I succeed being three-dimensional and if I achieve this then I feel like a Goddess – irresistible, remarkable and arrived in life! It's like making the world a better place to live by spreading the empowerment I feel. I really strive hard to be that three-dimensional quintessential  woman.

As conceited as this post sounds, I am glad I am woman. I try and I am blessed on those occasional days that I succeed. Yes I have the power. And it's here to stay

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mushroom potato pachai masal (green gravy)

This is a very tasty recipe which is commonly prepared in our home mostly as a non veg side.  I happened to try this with mushrooms and it turned out to be very delicious . Sharing my tasty and easy recepie to entertain you're taste buds.

For the masala (grind)

10 small onions
Patta (cinnamon stick) small
Krambu (cloves) 2
Chillies 6
Garlic pod 7
Pepper 10
Green chilli 1
Tomato 1
Coriander leaf 1 bunch

Pour a little oil fry and grind this mixture into a paste.

Heat a pan pour oil and once its hot splutter curry leaves and mustard.
Now add the ground masala paste and sauté

Now add the cut mushrooms and potatoes.

Add a little salt to taste and sauté.

Add water and keep it until the oil lutes out.

Tasty curry is ready to be served with roti pr rice.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LadyBug In Two Layer – Appetizer (Kid’s Special)

Be sure, you’ll impress all your family and friends with these cute ladybugs. And if you got kids, they will simply LOVE them.


Hot Dog: Cut them into 15 thin slices
Lettuce leaves
Berry Tomatoes – 8 (cut into half)
Black Grapes or Olives – 8 for head of the lady bug
Salt and Pepper for seasoning
Fresh cream – for lady bird effects

White Sauce:
Zucchini - cut into small pieces
Jalapeno - 2 small pieces ( pickled)
Parmesan cheese - 1 cup shredded
Cheddar cheese - 1 cup shredded
Fresh herbs - parsley and basil
Powdered pepper - 1 tsp
Salt – to taste
Red Sauce:
Red Pepper - 1 cup cut into cubes
Tomato - 1/2 cup
Salt – to taste


Method :

1.         Saute Zucchini using a little oil and some fresh herbs and keep it aside
2.         Cut Jalapeno into very small pieces ; don’t put too much Jalpeno
3.         Saute the tomato and Red pepper cubes and grind it into a smooth paste

4.         In a wide bowl add the shredded cheeses. (Parmesan cheese, Cheddar cheese). Followed by zucchini and jalapeno
5.         Add some fresh herbs and bind them together
6.         Add this layer onto the cut  thin slices of bread crust.. first fill with white filling and then with Red filling

7.         Now, reheat the over 180 degrees for 5 min, Bake the bread slices for 5 min until the cheese melts and gives out a good flavour
8.         Now coat them with lettuce leave
9.         Place the half cut berry tomatoes for lady bug body and Olives for lady bug head.
10.       Can decorate with fresh cream for lady bird eyes and body arts (I failed to do, but try when time permits)

Monday, November 19, 2012

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