Friday, June 5, 2015

To the Women in Me

One of my friends who likes me way too much, tagged me to a note recently! The note was on remarkable women that made me happy; a woman, who was oxymoronic yet stable in life. I was excited to be perceived this way after all who does not like to be called 'irresistible' (dare to dream)!

Seeing this note, I started to roll back the years fast forwarding to the present, as a young girl, a teenager, a working woman, a wife, a mother of two children and still trying to be and never comprising on my “Remarkability”;I believe I had tried to be all things this quote conveys about being an irresistible women – but rolling my sexuality, sensitivity and sensibility in a single personality has been a real hard work because at some point they are all contradictory to each other ; it’s like a colloidal solution of having immiscible liquids but in some incredible way blended like water, protein and fat in milk

The world  looks at a women in a single non-blended dimension, the ones you share with (sexuality), the ones you live with (sensitivity), the ones you work with (sensibility).

A woman with a two-dimensional complex is something the world can grapple with, but once you try to present a different picture and move ahead to touch the third dimension, with sound women intellect, pictured in a feminine frame; you are cornered to be an unrealistic person and sieved from the crowd. Every dimension is picked up for faults, the unrealistic person you are trying to be!- So you are never complete.

I concede, I pass everyday and most of the days, I am two-dimensional - the best I can be! Then, there are other days where I succeed being three-dimensional and if I achieve this then I feel like a Goddess – irresistible, remarkable and arrived in life! It's like making the world a better place to live by spreading the empowerment I feel. I really strive hard to be that three-dimensional quintessential  woman.

As conceited as this post sounds, I am glad I am woman. I try and I am blessed on those occasional days that I succeed. Yes I have the power. And it's here to stay

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