Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chettinadu Murukkakai Rasam (Drumstick soup)

This is a very tasty and nutritional soup, additionally to my earlier blog on Drumstick leaves soups, I add this as an addition . All parts of this tree are useful and have long been used for nutritional and medicinal purposes.
Drumstick has antibacterial properties and as such is very useful in preventing infections such as those of the throat, chest, and skin. 
So, here goes the recipe

Toor dhall - handful
Tomato -1
Drumstick -3
Pepper powder - 1 spoon
Green chilly
Turmeric powder
Coriander leaf
small onion - 4

Boil drumstick in pressure cooker with water, once done, keep the whey water  separately and elute the inside of the drumstick and keep it

Center cut green chillies

Steam toor dhall with small onion and mash the tomato in this and keep it aside

Fennel seeds - pinch
cumin seed - pinch
cinamom - 1

bay leaf - 1
Kadal paasi  - small piece


Keep kadai, add ghee and splutter the seasoning agents
Now, add the cut green chilly and add whey water and toor dhall mixture in this
Once this boils, add the pulp of drumstick and stew coriander leaves on top..

Serve hot!!
Tasty soup is just ready and invites you for a drink...

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