Monday, August 6, 2012

Elaneer Payasam - Kongu Nadu Spl. dish

This post is about a mouth watering! yummy cool coconut gheer.

Serves: 6 ; Preparation time : 10 minutes


Milk maid (Condensed milk) : 1 cup
Thick milk - 50 ml
Elaneer (Coconut water) - 1
Elaneer thengai - 1
Sugar - 2 spoon


1. Boil milk until it becomes half and cool it ; strain away the cream and leave it to cool for 2 hrs
2.  Add two spoons of sugar and 1 cup of condensed milk
3. Now, add the cooled coconut water and also sliced elaneer thengai
4. Mix well and serve cooled
Delecious Elaneer payasam is ready to decorate your taste buds!!

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