Sunday, August 19, 2012

Siru Keerai Kadayal /Masiyal (Green leaf kadayal) (Mom's best)

This is a very tasty , tangy, authentic dish made by my mom, this is called as a kadayal as we use matthu kattai to make the green leaf a paste, if you are not used to this you can use mixie, be careful not to over grind it (just one/two grrrrrrr... stop ) to a paste than it may not come well.
Keerai is a very nutritious dish and this kadayal is so good if you try this once I bet you may not stop making it another time...
Try out this tangy keerai kadayal, any kind of green leaf will go well with this , but siru keera wins all the others.

Cleaning the keerai is one task to finish with patience but you got to go through this to delite yourself with a rich fiber dish

Cooking time : 20 min ; serves : 3 people (large)

Siru keerai - 1 bunch (cut, cleaned)
Tomatoes - 3
small onions - 5-6 (peel it)
Garlic - 5 pods
Green chilly - 8-9
Toor dhall - 1 small cup (handful)
Puli - a small bit

Add all this in a pressure cooker and steam it for one - two whistle.

Mustard seeds

Garlic  - 4-5  (mash it)

1. Use a mathhu kattai / mixie to smash the cooked keerai and other ingredients together
2. Add desired quantity of salt. Taste to check if all the ingredients are ok else you can add a bit puli thani or chilly powder you wish
3. Now, splutter the seasoning agents and pour this masiyal and allow to boil for 2-3 min

Serve with rice and fish fry!!! hmm... my mouth already started drooling!! Happy lunch...

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