Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yera Kolambu / Prawn Stew Gravy

Era (Prawn) / Murunkkai/ Kathirikai kolmbu

Prawns (250 grms) Cleaned and washed kept aside (You got to remove the black intestine and wash it well) (Frozen prawns also go well for this)
Murukkai - 1 num (Drumstick) gives a good smell for the dish
Kathirikai (mullu kahrikai will be the best)
Tamrind (1 lemon size) (Soak and mix it in water and keep aside)
Tomatoes - 2 num(ground and add it in tamrind , add kolambu powder ,turmeric powder as well
small onions - 15 num
Garlic - 10 pods (smash it with a hammer and keep it)

Mustard seed
Cumin Seeds
Curry leaves
Red chilly

Keep a pan, pour a liberal qty of oil ( for these types of curry the curry tastes good only when a good quantity of oil is poured)
When hot add all the seasoning agents and saute until the items gets a good fried up
Then add the Garlic pods and saute it
Now add the small onions and fry them until it changes to golden brown color
Now add kathrikai, murukkai and fry it
Add the tamrind water which is mixed with tomato, kolambu powder, turmeric powder.
Now as the kolambu boils, and when the vegetables found cooked add prawns and leave it not more than 4-5 min
Now as the oil seperates from the kolambu and gives a beautiful color
Tastes heavenly with Rice and Appalam. Very Yummy tasty dish. This is one of the best goodies I make.

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